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It has been announced that the Greek government will be taking over the funding, selection and management of support services to both camps – Vial and Souda – on Chios as of 31st July. We confirm that various ECHO-funded NGOs have been affected and some will be withdrawing their services, ranging from medical, to child protection and community spaces.

The AfS team wishes to clarify that our operations in Greece will not be affected by this decision. Since our humble beginnings in October 2015, AfS has remained a fiercely independent organisation, powered by the solidarity shown by independent donors and we hope to keep it this way.

However, we wish to express our deep concerns about an inevitable “humanitarian gap” that will result from the possibility of a poorly planned transition after the withdrawal of ECHO funded NGO services.

We also dispute the statement made by a UNHCR spokesperson that the situation no longer requires an emergency response. Snail paced transfers to the mainland have been unable to override the number of arrivals on Chios, resulting in constant overcrowding in undignified conditions, deterioration of mental health, and escalation of violence.

The AfS team will take our responsibility as witnesses even more seriously and continue to document the conditions and potential human rights violations within the camp. We also remain committed to amplifying the voices of the crisis.


As of 30th April 2017, we’ve recorded 5831 visits into our safe space at our Athena Centre for Women on Chios.

Because of your generosity, they’ve managed to receive support to cope with the harsh reality of the situation in Greece, empowered with crucial asylum/health/legal information, psychosocial support, language classes and leisure activities.

With the female refugee population on Chios making up approximately 40% of the 2222+ currently stranded on Chios, the presence of Centre remains very much needed.

Your support that has kept us going so far remains crucial, if not, more vital than before.

Your support that has kept us going so far, also allowed us to remain fiercely independent, where we have been able continue to focus our energies on not fighting or being part of the broken system, but building an alternative one.

Should you wish to be a constant source support, you can do so in the form of direct debit.

Our bank details are:

Account Name: Action from Switzerland

Address: 8700 Küsnacht

Account Number: 89-219126-2

IBAN: CH94 0900 0000 8921 9126 2


For overseas donors

Paypal address:

AfS is a Swiss registered tax-deductible NGO.

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