Halcyon Days Project, Athens

In Greek mythology, the Halcyon Days are 15 days of calm & sunshine breaking a turbulent winter. They convey optimism and hope and signify a period of peace, calm, serenity and tranquility. A state of being we aim to provide for the women and girls at our centre.

The Halcyon Days Project

The Halcyon Days Project is our response and objection to how survivors of trafficking and gender-based violence are being handled by the larger ‘aid’ organisations and a reinforcement of our commitment to standing alongside women in solidarity against their struggles.

The Shelter is the core of the project. It will host a maximum of 15 residents, all of whom have been identified as vulnerable: single female travellers and single mothers who are survivors of gender-based violence and trafficking. Through our three pillars of safety, support and hope, we aim to minimise their risk of re-exploitation, trafficking and forced prostitution. It will be an egalitarian living environment where autonomy is encouraged by giving the residents the independence to self-manage and self-organise their own living space. This is in contrast to many other shelters where cleaning and food are provided for residents, fostering dependency and reinforcing the ‘aid’ mentality.

The Knowledge Hub is the Halcyon Days Project’s learning hub, developing our residents’ skills and empowering to take on the inevitable challenges they will face in the future. Residents will be required to participate in intensive language courses in English and/or Greek. We will also provide additional psychosocial support activities such as drama, yoga and art. Working with various partner organisations we have developed skills-based training to enable our residents to find work in the host community. For example: simple accounting, job application techniques and how to start a small business.

The Knowledge Hub will also be open to asylum seekers living in and around the area, as well as to Greek women over the age of 14 years old.

We urgently need your help to fund this project