Pizza night at the MNA-Zentrum Lilienberg

We are happy to share the news that as part of our Integration Strategy Project in the Canton of Zurich, Action from Switzerland has recently come to an agreement with the MNA-Zentrum Lilienberg. The main purpose of this agreement is to carry out leisure activities, led by our volunteers, together with the unaccompanied minors that are currently living in this accommodation.

We feel very grateful for having the opportunity to start this project in Affoltern am Albis and in this way, keep on working on our main mission as an organization, to help ensuring that extra vulnerable individuals (EVIs) are able to enjoy their rights on an equal basis, in safety and dignity. The case of unaccompanied refugee minors who have been forced to flee from their countries of origin due to war and political instability is a matter that concerns us all.  Supporting them through this transition of integration into Switzerland demands our attention and calls for action.

At our first activity organized at the MNA-Zentrum Lilienberg, on April 18th, a group of our dedicated volunteers worked together with the children on the preparation of homemade mini pizzas. Washing hands, cleaning and chopping vegetables, making pizza dough and some lemon tea, as well as setting up the dining tables for dinner, were some of the tasks we had to take care of. In the meanwhile, we could all together share some thoughts about where we come from, what we like about Switzerland, and what hobbies we have, all this while training our Hochdeutsch.

It was definitely an evening to remember and we are looking forward to many more!

We thank the staff at the MNA-Zentrum Lilienberg enormously for making this project possible and for their support.

If you want to get involved in these activities or if you know someone who could be interested in supporting our work, please fill in this form on our website or e-mail our Volunteer Coordinator directly: – with a short introduction about yourself, your motivations for volunteering.

Due to the nature of the group that we are working with, you will also be asked to submit background check, easily obtainable from your Gemeinde.

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