Foosball tournament at the MNA-Zentrum Lilienberg

After a successful evening cooking mini-pizzas, and stubbornly refusing April’s bad weather from ruining our activities at the MNA-Zentrum Lilienberg, we decided to carry out an indoor foosball tournament, as our second activity in the Centre.

Right now the children are on a school break and it is very important to offer them possibilities for recreation, which they can join during their free time and this is one of AfS main motivations when organising such events.

Hence, after the success of our first activity, we decided to organise an afternoon where the children could play against each other on a Foosball tournament. The event took place on Wednesday, 26thApril 2017 at the MNA-Zentrum Lilienberg, and it was a huge success: eleven teams signed up and all of us had a great time together!

During the evening, there was a great atmosphere. Everyone was happy to play and socialise while waiting for their own turn. During the time the teams were playing, some of the children showed off their magic skills with cards, and that was very impressive!

The winning team got as a prize two free tickets for the cinema, and for all the other participants there were lots of candies to help them keep up their morale.

Are you interested on volunteering with us for these activities? If so, please fill in this form on our website or e-mail our Volunteer Coordinator directly: – with a short introduction about yourself, your motivations for volunteering.

Due to the nature of the group that we are working with, you will also be asked to submit background check, easily obtainable from your Gemeinde.

If you are interested in knowing more about our next events at the Lilienberg Centre, stay tuned. We will be sharing our online agenda soon!

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