Information regarding COVID-19

Thank you for considering to volunteer. Our processes and protocols have been changed to reflect the unprecedented¬†Covid19 situation for everyone’s health and safety.¬†

  1. Please only apply if you are willing to be subjected to two weeks of self-quarantine (even if the Greek government does not mandate that you do so upon arrival). This does not include 60 days of volunteering with the project.
  2. As we operate in a closed space, for the safety of everyone on the team and our participants, we will not be accepting health declarations from your home countries to circumvent our requested two weeks self-quarantine requirement, as there will be a gap between obtaining your test results and travel/arrival.
  3. Post quarantine: Masks must be worn at all times with hand sanitisers and disinfectants widely available on our premises.
  4. As AFW is a small grassroots organisation with limited resources, we are unable to assist with any changes or planning of your travel itinerary. If you have further questions about whether or not you can travel into Greece from wherever you are currently residing, please contact the Greek Embassy in your country or the airline you intend to travel on.
  5. We retain the right to modify any of the above in light of changing circumstances and the Greek government’s regulations. We strongly advise that you thoroughly research and obtain travel insurance covering medical and airline changes prior to arrival.