safety + support = hope

Our Mission

To provide safety, support and hope for women on the run.

Action for Women is a non-profit organisation based in Zürich, Switzerland. Our projects have all been developed to deliver a dynamic response to the biggest humanitarian crisis since World War II.


We provide sanctuaries for women & girls over 12 years old.

We provide a safe space for
conversation, self-care & education.


We offer programmes and activities to enrich vulnerable women’s lives and enable them to recover their sense of identity, often lost as a result of the crisis and associated trauma.

We empower them to speak up for the first time about the discrimination and violence they have experienced during their journey.


We enable women to feel optimistic about their futures.

We equip women with the skills and confidence to forge their new lives in Europe.

Our Values

We are a fiercely independent
organization entirely run by volunteers and supported solely by private donors.

We stand for humanity and social justice.

We recognize the essential dignity and inherent rights of every person and strive to honour independence, strength
and empowerment as the most effective pathway to achieving social change.

We believe in solidarity, not charity. We believe we will be more effective in achieving our objectives by working collaboratively.

We believe in open borders.

We believe in equality for women. Women’s rights are human rights. Our work is focused on ensuring that everyone is able to exercise their rights, in dignity, regardless of their gender, race, language or religion.

We pay special attention to defending the rights and needs of the extra-vulnerable displaced, especially women and girls. We aim to combat exploitation and gender-based violence and promote women’s rights and social inclusion.

We are committed to amplifying the voices of those displaced by maintaining a strong advocacy policy.

50 CHF

Will pay for internet access for a month, allowing women to maintain contact with their families.

100 CHF

Buys a month’s worth of personal hygiene products for women using one of our centres.

1'800 CHF

Will provide a month’s worth of safe transportation once a day for women on Chios.

120 CHF

Will ensure clean drinking water for a month at our Chios centre.

576 CHF

Will cover a month’s rent for the Athena Centre for Women on Chios.

2'500 CHF

Funds one month’s rent for the Halcyon Days Project in Athens.


We cannot continue our work without your help