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I’m a woman. Beautiful like a flower, strong and steady like a mountain.
I’m a mother. Patient, tolerant and loving.
I’m a daughter. Calm and obedient.
I’m a sister. The patience stone and a pain balm.
I’m a woman.


These words are spoken by Negar (not her real name) an Afghani woman, her voice quivering as she tenderly utters “I’m a woman.” 

Negar is in Europe now, but what she has endured to get here speaks to the strength, courage and resilience of all survivors of gender-based violence.

Negar was forced into marriage to a man who repeatedly abused her. Despite this, she continued enduring the humiliation, the pain, the suffering. Until one day, something happened. Something that would change the course of her life forever. 

Her voice is but one of countless voices that go unheard. 

Thanks to the courage and trust of these remarkable women, we have this rare documentary, whose aim is to shine a spotlight on the invisible war against women and create a wider understanding as to why women flee their countries. We need to change the perception of how these women are viewed and see them in the dignified manner, in which they deserve to be seen.

Please contact us if you are interested in arranging a screening.