SEEN is a collection of portraits taken by and of women fleeing conflict, violence and persecution.

The photos are a culmination of a two week photography workshop held by Zurich-based photographer Mardiana Sani, at our Athena Centre for Women — the first women-only space to exist outside the camp structures in Greece.

The goal of the workshops was for the women to reclaim their own narratives, and challenge the tired portrayal of refugees as downtrodden victims, often portrayed by the mainstream media. The workshops aimed to empower the women with the skills to portray themselves and their friends in a strong, resilient, and hopeful light.

The resulting work is a dignified representation of a uprooted and transitory state as something powerful, courageous and humane.

The collection has since been exhibited in Zürich, Sweden, Brussels, Athens and Strasbourg. 

Please contact us for more details if you wish to share this collection of stunning portraits with your community.