Some of the baking goods sold at the event
Food stand at the ExpoTranskultur 2016

On the weekend of 1st and 2nd of October, Action From Switzerland participated in ExpoTranskultur 2016, held at the Gemeinschaftszentrum Hirzenbach, with a food stand. All the food was donated by individuals who care about our work and mission in protecting the most vulnerable. In a colourful and multicultural setting, we welcomed curious visitors, who, after hearing about our Athena Centre for Women on the Greek island of Chios, often bought a cupcake or slice of cake (or both!) and told us to keep the change.

Some of the baking goods sold at the event

We had high hopes – and were not disappointed. In total, we raised 1,700 Swiss francs. Kids, couples, families, young and the old, they all approached us with a smile and asked us questions about the women who attend the centre on the island of Chios. They happily took an informative flyer with them as well, hopefully spreading the word to friends and relatives.

There was a Tibetan family next to our stand selling delicious-smelling momos. After a long first day, we started packing our things and the woman approached me: “Tomorrow we will sell our momos for you,” she said. “Oh, you do not have to do that,” was my first reaction. “No,” she said. “You are helping the refugees, and we want to help, too.” The next day they donated their day’s profit to us. It was a deeply moving and wonderful gesture.

We also sold salads, sandwiches and warm dishes

The theme of ExpoTranskultur was “Mein Alltag, Unser Alltag hier”, and it included several different activities such as theatre, dance, performance and art in general. The event made reference to our societal values of tolerance and amicability to achieve the integration of people of different backgrounds and nationalities.

We are very thankful to the president of this initiative, Alba Chantico Ledesma, and to her team, and hope to continue being a regular at this event. To the donors and visitors, thank you for your donations, thank you for caring. We are continuing with our work with the knowledge that we are not alone.

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