Be a

Action for Women is powered entirely by individuals dedicated to advancing women’s rights.

There is a particular need onsite for female volunteers with the following experience/background:

  • Teaching Greek
  • Teaching Computer literacy
  • Psychologists/Psychotherapists
  • Childcare/Early childhood development
  • Native Arabic/Farsi/French/ Sorani/Kurmanji/Somali speakers with at least B2 in English/Greek

Due to the nature of our work in Greece and our limited resources, we only accept self-funded female volunteers who are over 21 years old and able to stay for at least 60 days onsite to ensure continuity and stability for the women and children who access The Pomegranate Project.

We understand that not everyone is able to commit to being onsite in Greece for at least 60 days.

You can help wherever you are!

Our remote based volunteers carry out a wide range of tasks and projects to enable our work to be sustainable and meet the needs of as many women as possible. We welcome those with a background in communications, journalism, grant writing, fundraising etc. Or simply, proactive self starters who are enthusiastic and have a flair for multi-tasking and organising community fundraising events.

If you are interested in volunteering, please introduce yourselves and contact us at with the following information to ensure that we can utilise your skills effectively:

  • Skills and/or Expertise (e.g. language, translations, communications, I.T., fundraising, etc.)
  • Availability (period in Greece or if working remotely, hours per week)