The Deathblow Deal

Yesterday we heard the news that the EU and Turkey have agreed upon a deal that undermines the fundamental human right to seek asylum. The proposals includes an agreement that for every Syrian refugee returned to Turkey from Greece, a Syrian will be settled within the EU.

The proposed deal has been heavily criticized by organizations like the UNHCR, Amnesty International, and Human Rights Watch. Amnesty called it “a death blow to the right to seek asylum”.

When our governments in Europe are failing to do the right thing, ordinary citizens like you and me have to step up and help.

On average, around 2500 people had made it across the sea between Turkey and Greece every day since November. But some of the richest governments in the world are refusing to take responsibility for the situation and provide the help that these people so desperately need.

Instead, it’s ordinary people stepping up and helping out. Action from Switzerland is right now in Chios in Greece, meeting people that are getting off boats with food, blankets and a change of clothing.

Yesterday, we felt angry and frustrated with our governments. Today, it’s back to work, helping as many people as we can.

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.

Do you want to help? Make a donation via bank transfer or paypal today to help us provide food, clothes and help to people fleeing from war. Each donation will help someone get a hot meal, or provide a blanket for someone shivering with cold.

To donate via PayPal, send your donation to

To donate through bank transfer, send your contribution here: (If you make a bank transfer, please send an email to to let us know)

Account Name: Action from Switzerland
Address: Küsnacht, 8700
Account Number: 89-219126-2
IBAN: CH94 0900 0000 8921 9126 2

Action from Switzerland is non-profit and fully run by non-salaried volunteers. All donations collected goes directly to aid for refugees.

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