The Meaning of Migration

Editor’s note – the following blog post was written by Momtaz Sanati Hamid, an Iranian political journalist and refugee. Before fleeing to Switzerland, Hamid was arrested in his homeland. He is now part of the Iran National Patriotic TV. He has written this piece exclusively for Action From Switzerland.

Migration is the movement between two geographical units, or in other words to leave one’s land and settle in another country.

This is a general definition of the phenomenon of migration. However what defines the concept of “land”? The dictionary describes “land” as a vast area inhabited by tribal people, but unwritten definitions of land are made up of concepts like: land, family, love and memory. So no sane person would ever leave behind all the things he loves.

Just imagine one morning, opening your eyes and seeing your town surrounded by barbarians or some radical religious group like ISIS. Your father leaves the house and disappears never to come back and your mother and sister are kidnapped to be sold off in a far away town.

Perhaps there is no traditional war in my country. But we have a different war. A war of religion, a war of thoughts. A war where the government suppresses people who think differently.

In the big game of politics, migration is a bitter chess piece moved by politicians to their advantage, and in this game many men, women and children lose their lives.

This is not the end, it is the beginning of the migration risks.

Roads impassable, human traffickers, the sea ….all waiting for their victims, all hungry like a wolf. Many humans lost their lives in this way, and the question is: is migration worth the risk?

Is the freedom of speech of women answered or ignored? Those who fight for human causes and social freedom are sent to prison. Statistics of executions and torture are an example of this. This is not political propaganda, this is the experience of an immigrant.

No one should be punishable simply for holding a certain religion or for believing in freedom of all human beings.

Perhaps these are only words to you good friends who live in a free country in Europe, but this is the truth of my life. I know your ancestors fought for freedom which is why I think you understand me.

I have nothing to hide. I would like to share my words with you, yes you, my fellow people, you who spend time in the dappled shade of security and comfort. You wish you could close your eyes and never open the door to all evils, I do not.

Today I’m a guest in your home, your country and you accepted me with open arms. You made my bad memories fade and opened up a new window of hope in my life. I know that all people are created equal and I do not want to impose my ideas unto you.

I wish the world would get to the point where friendship and a white peace flag should always be on top of the mast. Thank you for all this. Give me your hand and hold my hand in peace and let us try together to bring it to the entire world.

Yes, thank you. I can finally say: Europe. Thank you.

— Momtaz Sanati Hamid from Iran

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